Modern Day Mortgage Support: Dallas, Texas

The City of Dallas is just like any other major American city. It has entertainment, recreation, high paying jobs, and unfortunately lower income areas. This can be a challenge for a city of such size because there is a high population of poverty within these areas itself. Luckily there is a new solution that will be taking place over a five year time frame and that solution is known as the Affordable Housing Loan Program.Habitat For Humanity and Dallas Neighborhood Homes are proud to introduce this project and the two non-profit organizations are working hand to hand for providing mortgage solutions for deserving individuals.

Being such a huge task, this program will definitely need some financial support to make this into a reality. At present time, most banking centers aren’t lending money for mortgages since the country is in such a depressive state, but there is one banking center that is taking on the challenge and providing over$50 Million in loan support. This bank is known for investment, commercial, and mortgage banking and has a huge success rate to back it up. NexBank has well over $3.5 Billion in total assets and are looking to put up some of it’s hard earned assets to push the project through. NexBank will also cover up to $2,000 in closing costs as well as extra fees.

The Affordable Housing Loan Program will last for about five years and the plan is to provide 100 or more loans per each year of service. Being such an ambitious project, the coalition of these three powerhouses has the knowledge, capabilities, expertise, and skill set to make this a success. Mortgage support in Southern Dallas is about to raise the bar and change the status quo for the better.

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