Eric Pulier is a Multitalented Technology Specialist

Eric Pulier is a Teaneck, New Jersey native, successful entrepreneur, and philanthropist. His love for computer programming began at an early age. He founded his first computer database firm while attending high school. Pulier enrolled at Harvard University and studied English and American literature. He also enrolled at MIT for part-time classes when studying at Harvard. As a columnist, he contributed to The Harvard Crimson magazine.

Professional Background

Pulier currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He started a company in LA known as People Doing Things that uses technology to address social issues such as health and education. In 1998, US Interactive LLC was merged with a company that he founded known as Digital Evolution. Other ventures established by him include Akana and Desktone. He is also recognized as the founder of the Starbright World, a private social media site for kids with chronic illnesses. As a manifestation of his writing prowess, Pulier co-wrote Understanding Enterprise SOA.

The “Bridge to the 21st Century”, a Presidential Technology Exhibition, was created and executed by Pulier in 1997. Pulier landed this job after being hired by the Presidential Inaugural Committee. Based on his prowess in using technology to solve common social problems, he also shared insights on how technology-based health initiatives can be implemented at the Al Gore forum. While serving as the general manager and vice president for the Computer Sciences Corporation, Pulier improved the company’s productivity by overseeing the creation and implementation of cloud-based services. He currently serves as the CEO and chair for ServiceMesh, a company that he co-founded.

Charity work and recognitions

Eric Pulier is a supporter of the Clinton Global Initiative. He also supports and participates in numerous charitable organizations. For instance, he is a board member of The Painted Turtle and the X-Prize Foundation. Pulier was included in the 30 e-visionaries list that was compiled by the VAR Business. This recognition was because of his futuristic speeches at technology conferences and his technology-oriented companies such as MediaPlatform and SOA Software. Pulier is also active on Twitter and LinkedIn. He uses these platforms to offer insights on technology to his social media followers.

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