Keith Mann Gives Back To Help Others

Education is important to people who want to become successful in life regarding their professional career. In addition, education is important for people in regards to having a foundation of knowledge that can be used throughout their lifetime. However, education can be hard to obtain when people do not have the financial resources available to pay for education.


Many people think about paying for education in terms of going to college or other post secondary schools. While this is typically the case, more and more children and parents are faced with having to pay for K-12 education that is received from a private school. Either paying for K-12 private or paying for college education expenses, the lack of money can keep many people from furthering their education.


There are many kind people in the world who understand that education is expensive, and they take the time to reach out to help people who need financial assistance to achieve their educational goals. One of these people is Keith Mann.


Recently Keith Mann established an academic scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. The scholarship can be used by the graduating seniors to pay for college related expenses. The scholarship is worth $5,000.


Uncommon Schools is an organization that manages a network of charter schools from K-12. The organization has helped thousands of children over the years to receive a quality education that otherwise the children may not have been able to receive because of the school district where the children are located.


Keith Mann is a local businessman in the New York City area. He is the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, which is an executive search firm. Keith Mann manages the firm on a daily basis. Dynamic Search Partners focuses on assisting companies in the alternative investment industry.


Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry. He has been able to help hundreds of companies find qualified people to fill key executive positions within the companies. Keith Mann provides a unique service in the executive search industry. He is able to combine the feel of a small size executive search firm with the resources of a large executive search firm. This combination provides clients with great customer service and solid executive search services.

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