The Secret to Female Entrepreneurship as Explained by Doe Deere LimeCrime CEO

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Lime Crime is a makeup company run by an astounding young entrepreneur named Doe Deere. Doe, is a Russian-born and New York City raised phenom in the world of makeup and young fashion. The story that forms the background of how she decided to go into the makeup mogul business is an interesting one. She was sewing herself an outfit as she did many times in her even younger life. Once she finished the outfit she said to herself, “Now you need some bold and beautiful makeup to go with it.” Much to her chagrin, she found nothing and decided that she had to do something about it. So, she set off to develop her makeup empire, Lime Crime.

In a rather candid interview called: “Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere Colors her Haters”. She explained her secret subjectively to Galore Magazine. She explains that in her early years she was a very creative kid. She had pencils and pens ready at all times. She looks back and feels really special that she’s gotten so much recognition. When asked how she felt about her business being so interest based, she was more than happy with it. In fact, the recognition she gets on social media whenever she develops something new is humbling.

She was asked how she felt about her feature in Self-Made magazine. She couldn’t believe she was side-by-side with such success stories as Huffington and Suze! This really shows you how humble she is it’s not all about the money or the fame. For as early as she can remember, she’s had a passion for all things makeup and fashion. Never did she think her passion would come to this.

One thing she wanted everyone to know that she didn’t start out perfect. She had her share of bad makeup moments. Surprisingly enough, she never really caught any flack for it on any of her early videos. She had fun and catered to different people. These are the “Unicorns” of the world so she says. “The people that are different, aware of it and proud”. Hence; this is where her Unicorn makeup line came from, which is now extremely popular online.

Her secret is just to have fun and go for it. Everyone has an entrepreneur inside of them and she’s the inspiration for young females everywhere.  Check out the LimeCrime social media lineup to learn more about the brand, or just follow where Doe is going next.  They can be found on Tumblr, as well as their extremely popular LC Facebook page.

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