Brian Torchin: An Advocate for Healthcare Professionals

How does a chiropractor take his love of medicine and turn it into a way to help others seek reputable careers? Let’s take a look into life of Brian Torchin, and see how he did just that.

Brian Torchin, a graduate of the University of Delware, found his love of medicine while earning his degree in science. From the University of Delware, he went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Sports Scienece. Ultimately, Torchin received his Chiropratic degree from the New York Chiropratic College.

Since his college days, Brian Torchin has learned the struggles of finding jobs in the healthcare industry. However, this didn’t stop him from becoming a successful chiropractor. Torchin is actively practicing medicine as a chiropractor.

With 34 years in the healthcare industry, Torchin formed Healthcare Recruitmenrt Counselors (HCRC). His passion for building long-term relationships with his clients has made this business a success.

He helps other healthcare professionals find comprehensive solutions to their employment struggles, and does so with a positive outlook on the world of business. Torchin is considered detailed oriented and an experienced professional who plays a significant role in the growth of HCRC.

Torchin is responsible for helping other chiropractors make connections for new jobs, but chiropractors aren’t his only clients. All healthcare professionals seeking reputable employment, have sought guidance from Mr. Torchin.

He has a reputation for being a generous, caring person; whose main interest is helping others achieve job. In seeing the flaws in healthcare industry employment, he set out to design a system that would help other professionals improve their job searches. With this new system he set forth, Torchin has provided new and innovative solutions that will change the industry.

Finding a job can seem a difficult task, but when your have someone who understands your struggles, the journey may not seem as long. Torchin set out to practice medicine, but after seeing the inconsistencies in the industry, he set out to change it.

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