A Medical Practice’s Reputation Can Be Greatly Affected By Patient Reviews

A current online article that I just read looks at the issue of how patient reviews can really affect a healthcare provider’s online reputation.

These days, an increasingly large number of consumers are making all sorts of purchasing decisions based upon online reviews from other consumers. It only stands to reason that many healthcare consumers would also decide which healthcare provider to utilize based upon patient online reviews. Because of the potential serious nature and high costs that can be involved, lots of people pay close attention to patient reviews.

According to the author of theonlinereputationreviews article, people are generally more apt to post negative reviews than positive reviews online. These people want their views to be heard, and they often expect to receive a response from the party that they are addressing.

It is usually best to address any negative comments with assurances that every effort will be made to review the posts, and attempt to find appropriate solutions to any complaints. By doing so, the receiver of the comments can build credibility, and help to improve their own online reputation.

When positive comments or reviews regarding a medical practice’s services are posted online, it is equally important that they be received with true gratitude.

It is also recommended for medical practices to use other proactive measures when it comes to maintaining a good online presence. One way to do this is to regularly monitor websites where reviews of medical practices are commonly posted.

Another way that a physician may build and/or improve his or her digital image is to simply ask their satisfied patients to write a brief review online of the services they’ve received.

By remaining proactive and consistently monitoring online reviews, today’s medical practice can be aware of its patients’ levels of satisfaction, and can take the steps necessary to keep its online reputation in good regard.


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