The Capital Group Fund Giant Elects New Chairman

Capital Group, one of the mutual fund giant companies of today recently lost their chairman, James Rothenberg. Rothenberg suffered a fatal heart attack while vacationing with his family on the East Coast in July of 2016. Capital Group has met the challenge and announced Rothenberg’s replacement as Chairman. Timothy Armour has been elected as the new Chairman of Capital Group.

Tim Armour served on Capital Group’s management committee and Capital Research and Management Company. Others who serve on the management committee with Timothy are Rob Lovelace, President of Capital Research and Management Company, and Phil de Toledo, President, Capital Group. A succession plan was established after the passing of Rothenberg. This collaborative management team will ensure the stability of the firm through any unforeseen tragedy or loss of executive personnel. Just another security vision of stability in Capital Group.

Timothy D. Armour is now serving as Chairman, Director, and Principal Executive Officer at Capital Research and Management Company. Armour’s exhibits extensive investment experience at Capital as an Equity Investment Analyst covering global telecommunications worldwide. His investment career began in 1983 when he participated in The Associates Program. Armour holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College in the United States. Longevity appears to be one of Tim Armour’s strengths as he marks his 32nd year of investment experience, and all with Capital Group.

The environmental culture at Capital Group is the nurturing and sharing of core values. These core values have been in place since the firm was established. The values of the company and decision-making skills are the foundation of this growing financial investment firm.

Capital Group prides itself in its hiring style. Known for hiring the brightest, committed individuals, with unique professional skills that work together with the firm’s view of the Capital Group’s future. Capital Group employs more than 7,500 associates internationally.

This special investment group personally supports over 2,000 nonprofit through volunteer services and donations. Over the past 10-years, Capital Group has contributed over $240 million dollars to organizations around the globe.

For more than 80 years, Capital Group has provided superior results for long-term investors – signifying, The Capital System is Built to Last. With the addition of Timothy Armour Capital Group‘s chairman, the success of Capital Group is expected to exceed its already long-standing record.

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