EOS Lip Balm and the Connection with Other Established Brands

The Lip Balm industry has been controlled by a few major players for most of the last decade. It is no secret that companies like Chapstick and Blistex had a hold on the industry. This is not a surprise. Chapstick is owned by the mega giant Pfizer and Blistex is owned by parent company Clorox. With this it would become quite difficult for other companies to break into the business of selling lip balm products. This did not deter the Evolution of Smooth though. Fast Company describes EOS as a company that saw a clear void in the industry, and the leaders behind the EOS lip balm saw a great opportunity to get into this market.

What EOS founders would do to make name stand out is get with companies like Disney and Keds to promote the EOS lip balm products. This is what has driven the demand for these products. When EOS made a special Alice in Wonderland collection of lip balm in connection with Disney this lip balm sold out in a day. Some of this lip balm even showed up on eBay,, and people were buying it for hundreds of dollars after it sold out from other people that were reselling it.

This is something that was a portion of the successful for EOS, but this clearly proved one thing: consumers were interested in what was going on with EOS. They saw things like this connection with Keds and the connection with Disney, and consumers knew that this lip balm was something different. The Evolution of Smooth has made people really look at what is happening in the lip balm industry. It is a company with founders that pushed their way into this environment. They had to find a way to get beyond the competition and pave a new path.


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