USHEALTH Group’s Dedication To Customer Satisfaction

USHEALTH Group has many subsidiaries. Over the years, the company has been designing affordable health insurance covers for its clients. Together with its family of companies, USHEALTH provides a complete range of services, which allows customers to choose the covers that addresses their individual needs. USHEALTH Group has been in operation for over 50 years. Their specialists are true innovators of different affordable, secure, and flexible plans for individuals and their families.

USHEALTH Group operates from Fort Worth, Texas. The firm aspires to be America’s Trusted Choice for Healthcare. To achieve this mission, the entity has continued to work closely with the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and the National Foundation Life Insurance Company. USHEALTH and its family of firms offer innovative specified disease, accident and disability, and life insurance solutions to clients. Their consumers include individuals, small business owners, employees, and families. Through its family of companies, USHEALTH Group has provided tailored plans to over 15 million individuals.

USHEALTH Group offers a wide range of products. The firm understands that customers have diverse needs. To this end, they have designed different covers that address the various concerns raised by consumers. USHEALTH Group ensures that customers get value for their money. The company has enlisted the services of professionals that are conversant with market needs. This way, they create consumer-oriented plans that seek to protect clients from different risks. When designing their products, USHEALTH ensures that they incorporate the crucial elements of reliability, affordability and flexibility.

In addition, USHEALTH Group provides products that offer first dollar benefits for various services. Moreover, they provide network discounts to different providers. Individuals, families, or small businesses that operate on a limited budget can afford these covers. The Better Business Bureau has given USHEALTH Group an A+ rating for its outstanding customer care services. This success has been brought about by the excellent claim processing and payment phases adopted by the company. The firm has managed to create long-term relationships with their clients by virtue of consistently delivering on its promises. Over the years, the company has developed many products, including MedGuard, PPO Networks, Life Protector, Income Protector, Secure Advantage, Essential Health Protector, SecureDental and PremierVision.





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