Get Lost in Space with These Great Space-Themed Animes


There are tons of great animes that take place in space, but there are three that really stand out to fans.


Trigun is an epic space western that revolves around the well-written character ‘Vash the Stampede‘. While initially, it seems as though Vash causes destruction and chaos wherever he goes, it is quickly realized that trouble just follows him wherever he goes.

Though Vash tries to portray himself as a dumb but lucky pervert, he is actually a very capable, deep and troubled hero.

With plenty of jokes, moments that tug at your heartstrings (and even some that would bring tears to grown men’s eyes), and tons of action, it’s no wonder Trigun stands a cut above the rest.


Cowboy Bebop is another space western, with huge neo-noir overtones. In it, we follow Spike and Jet as they collect bounties from across space. Their team grows as they pick up misfits from across the universe.

Though Spike is often portrayed as an unfeeling, money hungry pessimist, he is actually just a man trying to both escape his past and make it right.

With a varied and likable cast, compelling storylines, and interesting twists, Cowboy Bebop is definitely an anime you should rush to watch (if you haven’t already!)


Blue Gender is a post-apocalyptic, mecha anime with a romantic twist. It takes place in the 2030s, with Earth overrun by giant, mutated insects called ‘the Blue’. Yuji Kaido, the lead character, has awoken after being cryogenically frozen to find the Earth uninhabitable for humans. Marlene and her team of anime girls collect Yuji and return to their home, second Earth, which is a space station that orbits Earth. The 26 episode anime depicts their journey to both destroy the Blue and return to second Earth. A must watch for anyone who’s looking for a more unique twist to post-apocalyptia.

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