Mike Baur: Prolific Startup Innovator and Businessman.

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur who is passionate about growing and developing startups. He takes a special interest in startup scouting, investment, and startup acceleration work through utilizing his vast local and global networks to address the needs of deserving startup proponents. Mike Baur is the current Executive Chairman and a co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory.


He attained a Bachelor of Applied Sciences from the University of Applied Sciences in Bern, before proceeding to the University of Rochester to pursue an MBA. In 2008, Mike Baur received an Executive Masters of Business Administration from the University of Bern.


His resume boasts of more than 20 years of experience in the Swiss banking sector, working with top firms such as Clariden Leu and UBS. After quitting his job in the banking sector, Mike Baur took part in either the leadership or management of startup-centered firms such as Swiss Startup Invest, Swiss Startup Association, Innovation Lab Fribourg, and Think Reloaded.


Mike Baur is a resolute advocator for the rights for startups in Switzerland in terms of better legal, taxation, and regulatory procedures. This is because he wants to create an enabling environment for startups and digital entrepreneurs to thrive. His aim is to impact the lives of his fellow countrymen by constructing Swiss companies that are disruptive of the current business models, products, and norms.


He is focused on bridging the gap between the traditional and modern economies so as to come up with the most innovative solutions for the trials of the digital transformation.


His work at the Swiss Startup Factory involves being in charge of the financing rounds and fundraisers for associate startups. It is a startup accelerator that provides a short-term program that equips startups with coaching, mentorship, the finances required, and office space in Zurich as well as access to the networks necessary for the growth of these startups.


Mike Baur’s experience in the banking sector has proved to be very beneficial to this accelerator program. He has led the Swiss Startup Factory to secure a partnership with Fintech Fusion, CTI Invest, as well as the completion of its accelerator initiative with Goldbach Group in 2016.


The Swiss Startup Factory’s program offers exciting openings for startups through its sizable global network of mentors, investors, and venture capitalists. This makes sure that there is an abundance of value added back to the Swiss economic system.


Mike Baur believes in giving back to the community and does this by sharing his startup knowledge and experience as a speaker at startup events, universities, and small and medium-sized enterprises. He is also an ardent sports fan and follows Swiss stars on the ATP Tour, and is a dedicated supporter if his home town’s hockey team, Fribourg Gotteron.

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