Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Looks Back to See the Future

In 1991 Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was begun as a small title and document processing company serving its local geographic area. Today it is a large, national company that employs over 600 people and reaches out to a nationwide clientele.


The Nationwide mission statement is very clear about the purpose of the company where it states that the mission is to deliver the highest levels of accuracy and timeliness in document delivery. Also, the goal includes assisting the mortgage banking industry while at the same time protecting the land records of the United States.


Nationwide has the capacity of reaching out and finding mortgage records in all of the 3,600 plus jurisdictions and counties in the United States where the documents are stored. The bottom line when it comes to delivering documents to mortgage processing clients is that they look for speed of delivery and the accuracy of the documents when received.


Picture a closing office attempting to get through the closing process, and then it is suddenly discovered that the documents are inaccurate or missing. If that happens, the entire closing session will have to be postponed, and the buyer might even back out and work with someone else.


A client never has to worry or be concerned when it comes to receiving their documents on time or fear that they will receive the wrong documents. Nationwide has a 99.9% accuracy rate and less than a 1% failure rate.


Early in the life of Nationwide, management decided to put up a large investment over the years in good employees and good technology. That management decision has certainly paid off. One of the main facets of the people side of the equation is the training that each Nationwide employee receives.


New employees receive a full three weeks of training which is continued after that in the work space they will be occupying. Supervisors monitor the workers as the get into the daily routine of their work. The work is very self-explanatory based on their initial training, but management helps the worker along after the initial training.


There are 150 extra training modules that employees can get into as well. These are also paths to advancement, so there is an incentive for employees to take the extra classes.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. sees where it came from and how it got started, and as it looks to the future, it is obvious that the groundwork has been set and it is the foundation of the future of the company and more expansive growth.



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