The Versatile Effective Hair Care Product Of Tomorrow

Used by women with all hairstyles, types and colors, WEN cleansing conditioner is a fast easy to use product that does the work of shampoo, conditioner, and detangler. Give your hair the shine, volume and definition that it deserves and unlock your hair’s natural potential with WEN products. What many women find the most appealing about WEN cleansing conditioner is that it can do the work of many speciality shampoos and conditioners for one low price and one single application.

Gentler than most professional products and with your choice of sweet almond mint, pomegranate or lavender and other natural extracts, WEN Hair cleansing conditioner works with your body and not against it. Because of its gentle and natural composition, this cleansing conditioner does not lather and is a great stand alone product that can also be used as a leave in conditioner. Other WEN products can only add to the benefits through supporting good hair health and style. You will see a difference after just one use and will fall in love with WEN cleansing conditioner.

WEN is the brain child of hairstylist and designer Chaz Dean and the cleansing conditioner is the flagship of the company. Chaz Dean began as a photographer and discovered his passion in the hair care industry. He worked his way up an upscale salon until he became the owner, catering to the rich and famous and boasting many celebrities among his clientele. While there Chaz Dean developed his famous world renowned line of hair care products.

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