Month: May 2017

End Citizens United Power Pushes Independent Probe and Receives Projected Funding Support

Posted by in Politics

End Citizens United has built a productive alliance among its supporters which has doubled in size since the organization announced its efforts, for campaign finance reform and political system changes. End Citizens United is now regarded as one of the most substantial grass roots organizations in the entire country. They are the country’s largest grass…

Alexandre Gama: Getting Top Notch Advertising Advice For Your Business

Posted by in Advertising Executive, Brazil

When it comes to choosing an advertising or marketing consultant it is imperative to go someone who is well experienced and reputable. In Brazil, Advertising Executive Alexandre Gama is considered to be one of the best in the industry. Alexandre Gama has been rendering top notch advice and guidance to businesses and entrepreneurs in need…

The Luxury Rebranding of Brazil by JHSF and its Chairman Jos Auriemo Neto

Posted by in Business Leaders, Real Estate Coaching

A revamped and urban Brazil with luxurious amenities is considered as the new face of the country in the recent years. One of the major contributors to this significant shift is JHSF, a firm that is making targeted investments focusing on high-income Brazilians. Under the leadership of its Chairman, Jose Auriemo Neto the company aggressively…

Todd Lubar’s Contribution To The Success Of Baltimore Real Estate Industry

Posted by in Real Estate Industry

The impact of the real estate crisis continues to be felt in the Baltimore area. Nevertheless, the industry is showing signs of recovery. Last April, bank settled sales, most of which are primary foreclosures, declined by nearly 7 percent in the Baltimore metro region as compared to the previous year. Moreover, the value of homes…


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