End Citizens United Power Pushes Independent Probe and Receives Projected Funding Support

End Citizens United has built a productive alliance among its supporters which has doubled in size since the organization announced its efforts, for campaign finance reform and political system changes. End Citizens United is now regarded as one of the most substantial grass roots organizations in the entire country. They are the country’s largest grass roots organization in history.


Additional support has now spread, for the organization, with the request of an independent investigation into the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. End Citizens United believes that America has a heightened and legitimate concern regarding the security and legitimacy of the political system. The foundation of the American democracy depends on Congress stepping up to fully investigate the root cause of the dismissal, for assuring the public’s trust. The viewpoint of End Citizens United is that an investigation should start immediately and that a commission should be completely independent of the current political climate.


During the 2016 election process, the Trump campaign was widely associated with Russia. Since the new Administration began on January 20, 2017, there has been very little change. In fact, the Trump Administration has continually been involved in one Russian speculation connection after another. End Citizens United supports the need, for a nonpartisan and independent investigation into both Russia’s role in the 2016 election, and the firing of Jame’s Comey. The group believes they are not mutually exclusive to one another and that America deserves answers.


End Citizens United’s weight on the matter will produce results by Congress. They have continued to push an agenda to eliminate intrusion within the political process and dismantle any corruption involved. Their efforts are continuously backed financially by donations received.


With a projection of $35 million in likely guaranteed financial support, End Citizens United has already conquered $4 million as the country heads into the 2018 election cycle. The PAC has seen large-sustainable growth, which has come alive within the voters of the country to bring forth change to the political system, and they’re making sure those supporters are heard. The donations received by the organization averaged $14 which resulted in millions above expectations.


End Citizens United continues to carry its clear mission forward, which is that every voice counts towards changing the landscape of American elections. End Citizens United will continue to champion on behalf of the American voters to disassemble any alliances which has led to corporate and billionaire power within politics. Their support of democrats and liberals who are in favor of campaign finance reform, continue to allow the group’s efforts to move forward and fight, for political justice and overturning the U.S. Supreme court’s 2010 decision of Citizens United.

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