Eric Lefkofsky – Serial Entrepreneur with the Passion for Innovation

Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur based in Chicago, United States. He is known worldwide for the success and fame he has achieved through his startup, Groupon Inc. Groupon Inc managed to become one of the most innovative start-ups in the recent time and is presently estimated to have the market valuation of over $2 Billion. The company is growing consistently under the strategic guidance provided by Eric Lefkofsky, who continues to serve as the chairman of Groupon Inc.Apart from Groupon, Eric founded several other companies such as Lightbank Investments, InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, and Tempus Inc. Tempus Inc has been in the news lately for all the right reasons.

It is a startup by Eric Lefkofsky in the field of cancer research, and even though he is not a doctor or oncologist himself, he studied and equipped himself with the knowledge about the area to develop a technology that would help the cancer research scholars, oncologists, and physicians today. Tempus Inc collects the clinical, patient outcome, and therapeutic data from over 6,000 medical facilities and hospitals.The data gathered by Tempus Inc also contains the genomic data of the patients. The availability of such data with a click of a button can help the physicians to diagnose cancer patients with the treatment that is designed especially for them. It is seen at times that some cancer drugs work on certain patients, and doesn’t on many others.

However, Tempus Inc would help in reducing such redundancies with the aid of clinical and therapeutic data it would make available to the doctors and oncologists who provide cancer therapies. In the field of cancer research as well, the data provided by Tempus would help in fastening the speed of investigation conducted, and save valuable time and effort of the researchers.As a firm believer in innovation and evolving technology, Eric Lefkofsky has written a book named “Accelerated Disruption” to help provide his inputs based on his years of experience on how the companies should conduct themselves to stay ahead in their respective industries. Eric says that the companies should focus on innovation as well as integrate technology into their business model to not get overwhelmed by competitive counterparts.


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