Arthur Becker; The Technology and real estate mogul

Arthur Becker, a shrewd investor in real estate and technology, has continued to enjoy unwavering success in whatever he sets his mind upon. He started out as a business tech, working as the CEO of NaviSite, from February 2003 to the year 2010. NaviSite provided internet technology and application management services to its customers in US and UK before it was sold to Time Warner in 2011. In a report by Curbed, he shifted his focus to the real estate business in 2011 when he started Madison Partners, LLC after closely working with Vera Wang Fashion as a senior advisor. He gained a great deal of exposure in the high-end fashion and design industry during his tenure, and this inspired him design-wise as he ventured into real estate.

Arthur makes his earnings from buying unique properties and later transforming them into beautiful townhouses which he either sells or leases. He has had immediate profit in this venture because he takes the time to understand all the business verticals before investing. During his experience in investment, he carved out a reputation for himself. Hence, when he started his company customers came looking for him. He, however, acknowledges the importance of having a great marketing team and using all platforms in marketing a business idea. He also recommends persuading people to see the business vision as a marketing strategy.

According to The Real Deal, in his real estate ventures, Arthur faces a difficult task in deciding on the design element and pricing of the renovated real estate properties. This is particularly because one has to keep abreast with the market and design trends to make a calculated decision. He attributes his success to his timely venture into the business world, sheer hard work, and focus on his endeavors. He looks forward to putting up his beautifully renovated townhouses for sale or leasing the houses. Arthur is excited about receiving feedback from the ordinary people on the design of his houses. Arthur draws his inspiration from reading books that focus on real estate, magazines featuring designs, and market trends. Arthur advises those considering starting a business to read books on technology and marketing.

Arthur’s Background Check

Arthur Becker attended the business school in Tuck, Dartmouth. In 2012 to 2015, he was the former Chairman of ZINIO the world’s largest digital newsstand. He is the Co-founder of Atlantic Investors, LLC, and is affiliated to ClearBlue Technologies, Inc. Currently; Arthur is the owner of three lucrative adjacent townhouses on Sullivan Street in Soho and is preparing to build a luxurious residential development in Tribeca.

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