Eric Pulier Is Making The World A Better Place One Child At A Time

Eric Pulier is an accomplished author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker and all around great guy.


He graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984. After graduating high school, he headed off to Harvard University. During his time at Harvard, Pulier studied English Literature, Computer Science and Visual & Environment Studies. He authored the PulierLeg, a weekly column he created for the Harvard Crimson Weekly, and later became Editor of the university’s newspaper. Pulier graduated from Harvard University in 1988 with is Bachelor of Arts Degree.


Pulier’s contributions to the philanthropic community are quite notable. He has donated a great deal of time and resources to several non-profit organizations and relief efforts. He takes a special interest in the technology space. More specifically, using technology to overcome some of the most intractable problems faced by the physically disabled and those suffering from severe economic disadvantages.


One extraordinary example of Pulier’s philanthropic style is The Painted Turtle where Pulier currently serves as Vice President of Cloud Operations. The Painted Turtle is a camp that caters to the needs of children with disabilities. Many children with life threatening disabilities are often deprived of the simple joys of just being a kid. The Painted Turtle aims to fix that. The campsite and activities are completely customized to work with the needs of each camper; giving them them opportunity to just sing, dance, laugh, play and most importantly: enjoy childhood.


Similarly to The Painted Turtle, Starbright World helps children suffering from chronic illnesses. They have a variety of programs that connect the families they work with to the support services that they need. Pulier donated his time, money and talents to create an entire social network for children and their families to connect and offer support for people going through the same challenges.


These are just a few of the incredible contributions Eric Pulier has made. He really is trying to empower the world, one child at a time.


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