Highland Capital’s Healthcare Hedge Fund in Asia

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas based SEC investment advisor. They are a large and global investment credit manager with 14.9 billion assets under management. They specialize in credit alternatives, like credit hedge funds, loans, and other credit alternatives. Their varied clients include financial institutions, governments, and high net-worth individuals.


While the headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, they maintain offices in Seoul, New York, and Singapore. The Seoul office just launched a 147 million healthcare hedge fund with the backing of South Korea. The major investor for this fund is the South Korea’s National Pension Service. This fund will be Highland Capital’s first private equity with healthcare objectives.


Investors have specific objectives for their returns on this hedge fund. They expect to be able to have co-investment opportunities to fund their own ventures in the US, China and Korea. On the Asian continent, Highland Capital will partner with Stonebridge Capital to co-manage the fund. This hedge fund will mark Highland Capital’s first private equity healthcare oriented fund in Asia. Healthcare is one of Highland Capital’s largest networks and part of their 15 year track record of success. Recently, Highland Capital reports close to 1.5 billion in health care assets under management.


Highland Capital Management currently has 15 billion assets under management. They specialize in credit strategies and have offices globally. Asia seemed like a better market since the US has a few disruptive and negative factors that affect the healthcare industry. Increased access to healthcare in Asia has made the market more favorable.

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