Chris Burch Radical Shift from Fashion Industry to Hospitality

Despite having a lucrative venture in the investment portfolio, Chris Burch contemplated on searching for greener pasture in other industries. He is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a financial advisory company. As an entrepreneur, he did not hold back nor fear to venture into the hospitality industry. The property is the present Nihiwatu Resort.

In 2012, Burch joined hands with James McBride in a business deal. The deal involved buying a beach property on the Island of Sumba in Indonesia. It was originally owned by a couple from New Jersey. An initial investment fund of 430 million was channeled into the project by the two. The money was used to refurbish and renovates the hostel. By the close of date 2015, the five-star resorts had been reopened.

As Chris Burch responded in an interview with the Business Jet Traveler, the purchase was for his children. In addition, through it, he would give back to the society and would help preserve the natural heritage. The Wall Street Journal records his sentiments that he had to priorities his schedule to create time for the Miami, Hamptons and the Indonesian Resort.

Nahiwatu has beautiful scenery and natural heritage that attracts tourists. For instance, Chris Burch lives in Raja Mendaka, which is a spectacular site. The villa has a main house, four additional villas, and a private plunge pool and is available for guests too. It is one among the 27 private villas in Nahiwatu. The site on the horizon from the Nihi Beach and the Indian Ocean is a sight to behold. The two-storey tree houses allow for both indoor and outdoor entertainment.

The resort has recreational facilities such as yoga rooms, beach spa, surfing sessions in the Southern Ocean waters, excursions at the waterfalls and the coconut grove. Traditional Ikat prints, local wood, and the Sumbanese antiques have been preserved therein. Nahiwatu was ranked the best hotel globally for leisure and travel in 2016.  More on

About Chris Burch

He is an accomplished business expert, steering flawlessly in the tides of investment management, fashion leadership to the hospitality industry. In his earlier days, he co-founded the Eagle’s Eye Apparel with Bob, his brother. Burch has also co-founded the C. Wonder and Torch Burch Fashion industry companies. He runs the Burch Creative Capital as the President, click for more reading.

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Other than the Nahiwatu resort, Chris Burch has invested in luxury homes in New York, Florida, Palm Beach and Southampton. He has wholesomely supported the Sumba Foundation, China Welfare League, Henry Street Settlement and Mt. Sinai Hospital. Burch owns yet another company, Cocoon9, a real estate development company.   Check also for additional article.

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