Traveling Vineyard’s Creativity And Uniqueness Ahead Of The Pack

A majority of the world’s population enjoy wine. France has been making wines for centuries, and many people visit the country to enjoy wine from the different locations. Some travelers are lucky enough to witness the wine-making process in the wineries. There are different routes that a guest may use to explore and enjoy a variety of different flavors-:
Burgundy- it is a famous route that is known for its red and white wine. The winemakers in this path include Chablis, Cote d’Or, Lyon, and Rhone.
Bordeaux- the region has six routes that lead to different wineries.
Champagne- it is near Paris, and thus it’s easy to access. The places include Champagne Fallet Dart, Champagne Aspasie, and Champagne Tribaut.
Alsace- the region has many wine festivals especially during the months of October. It has amazing views, and the winemakers are hospitable. Domain Paul Blanck and Clos Froehn are some of the makers.
Provence- it produces a variety of wines and is most famous for roses. The vintners are now growing grapes organically.

Virtual Wine Route
Knowing about wine does not have to happen while visiting the winemakers in France. The Traveling Vineyard is a guide with free wine tasting. The personal wine guide helps people learn about wines and order wines related to the food available. The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are highly trained and well equipped to give guests a unique experience. They create a virtual wine route for people. Training is done through a Sommology program and seminars and training in regions.

More About the Traveling Vineyard
The company provides jobs to people at their homes. How is this done? A person aspiring to learn more about wines acquires training from a leader who is near his location. The Wine Guides later get a success kit to use it and get more orders. The individuals earn money from commissions, and as they gain experience, they become leaders by building their team. The guide also benefits by having friendships, and they also get guides about business management technology. The headquarters of Traveling Vineyard is open to support the wine guides till they succeed.

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