Orange Coast College Has Produced Countless Champions

Orange Coast College is a national power in college rowing. The two year school has won 11 national championships competing against the top 4 year colleges in the nation. What makes that accomplishment truly remarkable is they have been able to do so with students that have never competed in rowing before enrolling at Orange Coast College The rowing team’s success is a testament to the influence of two men. The first is Dave Grant, the team’s former head coach and one-time president of Orange Coast College.

The other is Steve Morris, the team’s head coach during the 1990s who currently serves as its assistant coach.

The legacy these two men have created is about helping students to work hard to bring out talents they never knew they had and working together to achieve a common goal. That goal is greatness and consistency as a rowing team. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

And by working together many members of the team have become stars in their on right and gone on to compete for elite colleges and in national and international championships as well as in the Olympic Games. Plus they have gained the strength, determination and confidence to overcome any hardships life throws them and become successful in their careers as professionals.

When Orange Coast College was founded in 1948, its mission was to provide an affordable education for people interested in skilled professions and licensed trades.

It was also to offer students remedial courses and lower-division classes that could be transferred to a California State University as well as a University of California campus. The Costa Mesa, California based community college has far exceeded that mandate.

Today not only is Orange Coast College one of California’s leading transfer schools, its graduates have gone on to do great things in politics, the Arts, entertainment, business, professional sports and countless other areas.

Originally built on a 1,300 acre parcel of land that was once a part of Santa Ana Army Air Base, the school now produces students that have gone on to have a major impact throughout the United States. Many OCC graduates are now international stars.

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