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In today’s era, numerous segments of our population are experiencing an increase in their life expectancy. This remains attributed to numerous advances in technology. Therefore, these populations remain able to live longer than previous generations. In spite of medical breakthroughs, numerous human diseases and ailments still exist. Moreover, some remain genetic and some do not. With that being said, millions of people experience these debilitating diseases such as cancer in their lifetime. As a result, the older generations remain more susceptible to these diseases due to their decline in health. For those unaware, a person’s health declines as they age. In recent times, the United States has seen an uptick in cancer cases. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

This remains attributed to several factors. To name a few, these include the lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, and drug use such as second-hand smoke. Fortunately, organizations such as Oncotarget exist. For those unaware, Oncotarget remains an online publication that features medical research regarding cancer. In addition, the company also remains extremely reputable. This remains attributed to the organization’s reliable research that comes from noteworthy medical scholars and practitioners. Year after year, the publication has remained favorable among its readers. Due to its free access feature, the organization created a platform for medical professionals to come together and share their views. Moreover, the platform creates a community for these experienced medical professionals. Check Oncotarget journal at

Since its conception in 2010, the company has remained a prominent fixture in the online community. Moreover, the journal focuses its efforts on finding and creating cures for cancer. On a weekly basis, the publication publishes papers. Moreover, Mikhail Blagosklonnyā€ˇ remains responsible for a substantial amount of the paper’s success. Furthermore, he also remains responsible for the publication’s fluidity and relative ease of use. Also, the publication has received numerous awards and accreditations for its innovation. Moreover, it has received high ratings across the internet. Aside from Blagosklonny’s success with Oncotarget, he has also created Aging. Moreover, he created aging approximately two years after creating Oncotagret. In closing, Blagosklonny’s efforts have privileged some of the world’s brightest minds to find solutions to timeless questions.

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