From Local to Worldwide with Brown Modeling Agency

The Brown Agency was established in April of 2010, and since then it’s garnered quite a bit of attention, both form Austinites and the world at large. Justin Brown, creator and President of the modeling agency, works hard to get his “talents” onto the world stage and into the spotlights they deserve. His dedication to his models really shows in the success he’s had with Brown Modeling Agency, taking it from a local to a worldwide stage with the best of Austin, TX!

When studying the success of the Brown Modeling Agency, it’s important to take a closer look at its management. Justin Brown started out just like the rest of us; quiet, shy, and itching for some excitement. He left his hometown behind at the age of 18 for Southern California, which is where the modeling agency pro really got his start.

Justin Brown’s success isn’t due to luck; he knew from the get-go what it was like to model. According to, Brown practiced fit modeling for Lucy Brand as a young college student. He jokingly mentions that it paid “a lot better than the $6 an hour [he] made at the golf course washing carts.”

With his degree in business management, Brown job-hopped for a number of years with no problem, gaining experience in multiple fields and figuring out what it was that he wanted to do in life. It wasn’t long before he settled in Austin, a city that many have fallen in love with for its big-city looks and small-town heart. There, he started Brown Modeling Agency, determined to showcase the talent and beauty of Austin to the worlds of modeling and film.

There were a few bumps along the road, even for an experienced model and entrepreneur like Brown. It took some time for the agency to catch on in popularity; there simply weren’t many models willing to go the distance for “big-time success.” His big break came in 2010, when the agency got its license through the well-known Wilhemina National Agency, just in time for some serious runway walking. Austin’s signature style got its first brush with the big-time, and no one can say it wasn’t a booming success.

Nowadays, informs us that Brown Agency models can be found “working for the biggest brands in the world Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oreal and literally thousands of other well known companies.” Thanks to Justin Brown, Austin now holds a large space on the map of talent and modeling. His and his agency’s determination and hard work has brought about a revolution for Austinites. You’ll find Austin-grown talent modeling for name brands, parts in films, and miles of runway walks. The Brown Modeling Agency has brought about a revolution in the modeling scene of Austin, and it’s no surprise that the world is taking notice.

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