Oncotarget Is A Peer-Reviewed Journal

Oncology refers to the study of tumors. This is a highly complicated subject. Besides, getting information about cancer is not very easy. But there is one company which is researching tumors. Besides, it is presenting the information in a relatively simple way. In addition, they are publishing their findings too. These are available for free online each week. The name of this company is Oncotarget. It is a peer-reviewed journal. Oncotarget is a subsidiary of Impact Journals.

The Impact Journals are known for publishing several articles that are based on cancer research and other similar subjects. They are publishing research that has been based on endocrinology, pathology, besides immunology as well as oncology. The primary focus of the journal is still Oncology studies. But now they are branching out and looking at researching other subjects too.

The editor-in-chief of Oncotarget is Andrei V. Gudkov along with Mikhail Blagosklonny. They are working along with the company in order to study the aging process of humans and how it is affecting the human body. This company along with its editors is working hard as it is researching several kinds of cancers. The focus here is to share information on combating cancer with the general public. This is a company that is being frequently cited in several peer-reviewed research journals.

Typically the success of these journals is based on their impact factor. This measures how often that work is being cited. The impact factor score for Oncotarget was 5.008 for 2015-16. This means that they had received over 10,000 citations during this period.

Hence this company is cited to be at the forefront of cancer research.

This is a business that is located in Albany, New York. This journal is being published since 2010. The journal is focused on various treatment therapies, the research methodologies and several other things that are related to cancer. It is also focusing on the treatment alternatives available to patients and how it impacts their lifestyle and so on. It looks at defining their usage as well as acceptance by the patient along with the health professional.

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