Eric Pulier’s Approach to Innovation in Technology

A day in the life of a successful entrepreneur can be an enlightening thing, particularly when we are talking about the technological field. Technology is one of the fastest moving industries and it can take everything in your power just to keep up with the news, much less develop techniques to improve your business ahead of the competition. Eric Pulier, a New Jersey born entrepreneur, is the man behind the coveted XPrize Foundation. His work in the tech field has been a marvel to watch over the past two decades or so and there is a lot that people can still learn from what he is doing.

Eric Pulier begins each day like the one before. He starts off with a great night of rest before getting up earlier than everyone in his house. Being the father of four Eric Pulier understands that any quiet time is better than none, even if it comes right after dawn. Pulier then spends this quiet morning plotting out the actions that he needs to take throughout the day in order to ensure that he meets his standard for work. By the time his course is charted it is time to rouse the kids, get them to school, and begin crossing off his tasks for the day.

Right now Eric Pulier is consumed with his work on vAtomic Systems. This company has been focused on bringing digital goods and services out into the real world by way of micro-transactions. If you are a gamer or merely an avid mobile phone user then you know how important micro-transactions can be to a company. Pulier came across this concept when dwelling on potential disruptive technology. Disruptive technology is a term used for technology that utilizes other concepts in order to fundamentally change the system it is in.

Inspiration is the lifeblood of a successful entrepreneur and it is what Pulier leans upon to get his work done. Pulier makes sure to write down every idea or concept that comes into his mind. At the end of the week he goes through these concepts and see where they lead him.

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