Cancer Treatment Centers of America – Helping Cancer Patients Find Reliable and Effective Treatment Options

Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently collaborated with the prominent names in the health care world, Allscripts and NantHealth. The collaboration took place to implement a customized technical solution that would allow the clinical support solution unit of NantHealth named Eviti to get free flow access to the technical and clinical workflows in the HER of Allscripts Sunrise. It is a beneficial support solution for clinical decision making that would aid the Clinical Pathways program with the cancer treatment but in an independent manner without interfering with the physician’s treatment method or clinical workflow.

The clinical operation system that is built through this collaboration named NantOS is devised with the help and input of hundreds of reputed oncologists from across the country. It is a clinical operating system that is comprehensive and consists of evolving cancer treatment and care data. It helps the patients as well as the physician to get all the treatment related data at one place.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have a total of five hospitals situated in different locations across the United States, namely in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tulsa, Atlanta, and Chicago. These facilities have renowned Oncologists and Cancer experts that ensure that the patients are provided with reliable diagnosis and cancer treatment that doesn’t only help in treating cancer but also help with controlling cancer.

The hospitals of Cancer Treatment Centers of America are equipped with latest technology and machinery that helps the physicians effectively treat the cancer patients. Whether you or your loved ones have cancer or you feel that you should go for cancer-related screening, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has the facilities that would help remove all your doubts. The hospital accepts all the latest medical insurance and has finance options as well for the patients. The team of cancer experts at Cancer Treatment Centers of America helps the patients get rid of anxiety to sort out treatment options available to the patients.

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