Sheldon Lavin: The Man Behind OSI Group, LLC Success

By the mention of the name OSI Group and Sheldon Lavin, there is one thing strikes your mind; the meat industry. Despite enjoying over thirty years success in the meat industry, still, most people do not know who Sheldon Lavin is. According to an interview by CEOCFO magazine by senior editor Lynn, a lot can be learned from the man behind all the success OSI Group enjoys.

Educational and work background

Despite being involved in the meat industry for many years, Mr. Sheldon Lavin is a trained and qualified financial consultant. Before being involved with OSI Group, Sheldon was active financial consultant where he was employed by a bank and also operated his own private financial consulting firm.

How did Mr. Sheldon end up in the meat industry?

According to Sheldon, by the time Otto & Sons, the Kolschowsky meat family business was looking for financing for their activities, Mr. Lavin was working in banking sector. The bank approached Sheldon to arrange financing for the company which he successfully executed. However, as time went by, Mr. Sheldon was constantly involved in the operations of the company sparking his interest in the company hence leading him to become an owner.

Mr. Shledon’s vision for the company

Ever since acquiring the company, Sheldon Lavin’s vision has been to grow his company into a world-class company with a global reach. Thanks to his innovation and determination, Sheldon has been able to achieve this with OSI Group having over 70 food facilities in more than 17 countries.

What is OSI Group’s culture?

For such a big and successful company such as OSI Group, there has to be a strong culture underlying its success. OSI Group’s culture happens to be teamwork which is strengthened by the CEO who likes to view his employees as part of his big family. Thanks to this, employees feel encouraged and motivated to deliver and even surpass the expectations of the company. The company also appreciates the role of the community in its business structure, and it actively involves itself in philanthropic activities that help build the community.

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