Eli Gershkovitch Knows Everything About Craft Beer in Canada

Canada is not the first country people think of when they speak of craft beer. It didn’t use to be the first country for craft beer, but over time it changed. Now Canadians are very proud of their craft beer. There are some prominent breweries offering Canadians a healthy choice of different brands of the beverage. Eli Gershkovitch can attest to that. He used to favor larger before his life changed forever. There are quite a few breweries to explore if you are in Canada. Here is a couple of them.


Yukon Brewing started out as a simple idea on a camping trip. Now it brews some of the fantastic Canadian craft beer (LinkedIn). They offer tours and show their visitors the whole process from gathering the crop to fermentation and packaging. They have eight different beers on offer.

Paddock Wood Brewing Co. was started by Steve Cavan with his wife. It was the first small brewery in Saskatchewan, and their beers can be found on tap or in bottles in some stores in the West of Canada.


One of the significant shifts in Canadian beer industry. Millennials prefer craft beer over mass-produced lager. They prefer smaller breweries over big brands ( Eli Gershkovitch was a young man before he learned to love craft beer and then started to form the idea of creating his own company. Today he is a successful businessman and the CEO of Steamworks.


Eli Gershkovitch built his business from the ground up, but he thinks of himself as a creative officer. He has a degree in Law, and it was convenient when Steamworks started. Eli Gershkovitch knew the ins and outs of licensing, property and taxes. He used his savings from a previous job in law to initiate the company he now runs.


Eli Gershkovitch is very passionate about his work, and he is also very passionate about beer. He likes to be a hands-on boss and knows the ins and outs of his business. Eli Gershkovitch is also a charming person to spend time with, and people appreciate this personal connection they have with their boss.

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