Glen Wakeman: Mind of an Entrepreneuer

Glen Wakeman is a successful Entrepreneur who has dedicated himself to helping others achieve the same kind of success that he has. Wakeman has a long list of accomplishments which demonstrate his expertise in business.


He paid his way through college cleaning bathrooms at an automobile factory. This work paid off when, after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in economics and a Master’s in Finance, he went on to have a successful early career in business. He held job titles such as CEO and President.

Now, he is using his expertise to help others achieve success. He has co-founded and is CEO of LaunchPad LLC. LaunchPad is a software platform designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs from comprehensive and actionable plans to bring their ideas to life. Wakeman says that his inspiration for LaunchPad came when he noticed how often talented startups failed due to a lack of planning and structure.

Wakemen often shares advice on entrepreneurship to others ( He often blogs about business strategies, ideas, and current events in the financial worlds. He also spends a significant amount of time as a mentor to up and coming business people, helping them get promising startups off the ground.

In articles and interviews, Glen Wakeman shares many of the ideas, tips, and tricks which have helped him succeed. He cites Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is a book which everyone should read. He says that it taught him many lessons which have shaped his business strategy and approach to life.

He explains that he brings his ideas to life by making them engaging to him and sharing them with others and he attributes his work ethic to his high level of curiosity. Curiosity about how things are and how to change them gives him the motivation to complete the challenging and often arduous problem solving he encounters.

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