Sawyer Howitt Inspires Entrepreneurs

Sawyer Howitt is a graduate of Lincoln School, Oregon, Portland. He is a young entrepreneur who is knowledgeable about the how to operate a successful business. He believes in finding unique ways for consumers to interact with brands for productive business. Sawyer encourages theory of excellent customer service advises entrepreneurs embracing the emerging technology to promote their activities.

Sawyer Howitt also helps the community by conducting mentoring events for the youth and donating to organizations. Moreover, he helps lead an international ethnic studies group. Sawyer also fights for women’s rights among other charitable acts. With his knowledge in business and young innovative ideas, Sawyer became a project manager at a business development service called Meriwether Group in Portland.

Moreover, Sawyer Howitt tells that there is no right time to start-up a business. Howitt encourages entrepreneurs to combine work and living space to save money while starting business. Sawyer also states that to be a leader in entrepreneurship, cities should have qualities like the average age of the population, availability of high-speed broadband, access to funding, potential for networking and the economy. Howitt notes that the top 8 cities that meet such qualities are Yorba Linda in California Austin in Texas, San Francisco in California, Salt Lake City in Utah, Palo Alto in California, Santa Monica in California, Denver in Colorado and Minneapolis in Minnesota.

Sawyer is a project manager at Meriwether Group. In the company, Howitt has significant roles in the evolution of commerce, technology in business and finance functions. Currently, he is a graduate of Lincoln High School in Portland and is planning to attend the University of California, Berkeley Campus and graduate with an entrepreneurial finance degree.

Sawyer Howitt also is a fan person. His hobbies include playing racquetball, fly fishing, follows Portland Trail Blazers. Sawyer also spends time in fitness services, music, fashion, and health. Sawyer has managed to challenge entrepreneurs despite his young age and has inspired many young people to use what they have to succeed in the business world.


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