Livio Bisterzo and His Hippeas

     Livio Bisterzo has been an entrepreneur for the majority of his life and always dreamed of owning his own company. During his young adult years Bisterzo attended university in England. When in England he developed his marketing background while attending the well known University of Arts located in London. It is here that he began his first marketing adventure. However, Livio Bisterzo would not stop with his first marketing attempt.

Post graduation Livio Bisterzo headed numerous startup attempts. Despite numerous failures, Bisterzo chose to view each failed attempt as a lesson to be learned and continued forward. Eventually, he led numerous startups to success. Among his successes prior to Hippeas are Kyoko for Men skin products and Little Miracle tea. In 2015 Bisterzo founded his own food brand which he appropriately named Green Park Holdings. It is under this company name that Hippeas were realized. While living in Los Angeles Livio Bisterzo wanted to come up with an idea for a snack that was both healthy and tasty. In the process he discovered that chickpeas could be the solution to his inquiry.

Recent discussions about the Livio Bisterzo’s success in the healthy snack industry have suggested that his chickpea solution is not only delicious, but environmentally friendly as well. Bisterzo states that because he chose to focus on legumes and beans, the soil used to brow the chickpeas for each package of Hippeas has nitrogen restored. In addition to being a sustainable and delicious health snack, Hippeas have been introduced to thousands of stores in the United States and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, for every package of Hippeas sold a percentage of the profit is donated to farmers in Africa. Lastly, with recent investments from world renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Strand, Bisterzo plans to expand his marketing efforts in the hopes of having Hippeas sold in a wider range of grocery retailers.

In conclusion, Bisterzo and his Hippeas have a bright future ahead of them. Soon, we will be able to have a taste of the new health snack Hippeas!

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