Racquetball Senstation, Sawyer Howitt, Makes It Big as a Project Manager

     Becoming an athlete takes hard work and dedication. A person needs to practice, practice, practice, if they expect to be a professional in their chosen sport. The key to becoming a successful athlete is to make a plan to enhance your playing skills. Diet is also very important factor in playing any sport. Any person interested in racquetball as a professional sport should find a coach that specializes in the sport. Someone who has played racquetball will have complete understanding of the athletic skills it takes to become a pro. You may need to conduct interviews with a professional before hiring someone. Finding a good coach can be a difficult challenge. A great way to find a serious coach in racquetball is join a local racquetball club. There’s one in almost every major city. Sometimes a person might want to quit a job in order to find their passion, but those ideas usually don’t work out. If anyone desires to to be a racquetball professional, just practice everyday.

Sawyer Howitt did just that. He started his racquetball sensation when he was a young child. He played racquetball for the Oregon High School team. He played men’s singles, but has the potential to play in mixed doubles, he’s also been in the Oregon’s High School Racquetball State Championship. He is on the USA Racquetball profile summary, but he didn’t play enough to reach a ranking.

He’s now a senior in college and is a project manager at The Meriwether Group, a confident advisor to entrepreneurs. The company strives to help business owners succeed. Sawyer Howitt has had a long passion for business and finance and he’s excelling in his career choice. His knowledge of business and finance has assisted him by tying his business to racquetball. He’s still recognized at the USA Racquetball Association. During his spare time, he can be found at the local Racquetball Club or fishing.

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