Aloha Construction: Maintaining a Good Reputation and Creating Jobs

Dave Farbaky-led Aloha Construction Inc. is doing well in the construction industry within and around Lake Zurich in Illinois. The company whose primary area of specialization is in roofing has grown to become the industry leader regarding manpower and expertise. Its contractors and engineers are the best that the industry has to offer in regards to their level of proficiency and commitment to quality and excellence. To this end, the company has undertaken projects in excess of 18,000; some in Illinois and others in Southern Wisconsin.

Aloha Reputation

A good fraction of the contracts that Aloha Construction gets involve repairs from damages. The company sends its inspection officer to assess damages and to give a client the exact amount that he or she will need to cover the repair costs. This is one of the ways through which the company endears itself to clients, and it has worked in its favor for many years now. To add to that, Aloha has in place a dedicated customers’ care desk that addresses customer needs to their satisfaction. On the ground, the company has a team of managers, supervisors, and inspectors who ensure that everything sits well for the clients’ liking. After getting the job done, the company invites feedback and reviews from customers and improves on the few areas that clients complain about. All these form part of Aloha Construction Inc.’s reputation.

The Roofing Process

Part of the roofing process is installation of gutters, attic ventilation, and downspout systems- something Aloha Construction does best. The company is guided by the realization that without gutters in place, there are chances of rainwater causing ground erosion and mildew problems around the house.

Creating Jobs

The construction industry in the USA is by far the largest employer. Aloha Construction Inc. has over the years been creating more and more jobs, especially for the youth. By creating and maintaining a good reputation, the company continues to grow and consequently requiring more workforce. To learn more about us: click here.

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