The Whitney Wolfe and Michael Herd Wedding

Whitney Wolfe and her fiance Michael Herd would have a theme-based wedding that was connected to the “home is where the Herd is” This is a play on the “home is where the heart is” saying, and this happy couple has showed off several pictures of the lavish wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

The thing that makes people appreciate Whitney Wolfe is her openness. She had no problem sharing picture after picture of the wedding dress and photos of the reception.

Whitney Wolfe has truly been able to give people a whole new perspective on dating. She put time into building her company while staying connected to the singles crowd. Wolfe has expanded her company in a great way, but it appears that she was interested in having even more of a voice on social media.

There is definitely a connection between her open book vibe and her ability to expand her company. Now that she is married people get a another glimpse of Whitney Wolfe as a dating app developer that has a husband. This is something that will gives her an interesting take on the dating app industry. From the very beginning Whitney Wolfe has been vocal about the fact that she created a feminist dating app. Now that she is married Wolfe is expanding her company into other areas, and she is still carrying on feminist perspective.

People are very interested in seeing how this plays out. So far it has been something that has been working for Whitney Wolfe. The fact that she has been vocal about her marriage and other things that she has dealt with within the last several years makes people like her. She has become transparent to the world of users that are accessing her Bumble app. This gives her the ability to promote the app through her own voice.

She does not have to rely on a marketing company to develop some type of marketing campaign for this company. To the contrary, Whitney Wolfe is building her company up just by talking about the things that she has experienced in her own life.

Before Whitney Wolfe tied the knot and settled down she often talked about how women should not have to wait for men to ask them out. Her aggressive approach to dating may inspire some women now that she has gotten married within the last couple of weeks.

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