George Soros’s Big Heart Has Made Him President Trump’s Primary Nemesis

Growing up in adversity can either strengthen or weaken a man’s resolve. For George Soros, the injustices he witnessed while growing up as a Hungarian Jew during the Second World War instilled in him a desire to fight injustices everywhere. Consequently, after amassing a considerable fortune through his Soros Fund Management hedge fund, he has gone on to invest a significant portion of it towards helping millions access basic rights and freedoms. Today, he not just a man with a big bank account – rather, he is the savior of many previously disadvantaged people in all corners of the globe.

George Soros has for the last 30-plus years been engaged in political action all around the world. He has largely done so through the Open Society Foundations – a grouping of organizations engaged in the struggle for democracy in their countries and regions. Since 1984, he has provided more than $12 billion to support these Open Society Foundations. In turn, the foundations have been able to champion progressive democratic reforms in their countries, including stopping the discrimination of minorities, advocating for same-sex marriages and so forth.

George Soros’s recent political action in the United States has pitted him against the current president, Donald Trump. Soros has considered some of President’s Trump’s policies to be too radical and consequently opposed his election during the campaign period in late 2016. In fact, he donated tens of millions towards the campaigns of President Trump’s opposing candidate and party, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party. However, his opposition of President Trump came at a great price when he eventually won the 2016 election. It is estimated that he lost approximately $1 billion following the win. Be that as it may, Soros being the principle man that he has not wavered in his opposition to Donald Trump and his radical policies despite the obvious risk to his business interests.

As a man who understands adversity himself, George Soros took up philanthropy very early in his career. Towards the end of the 1970s, he was already providing scholarships to black students in then apartheid South Africa. He has since invested in dozens more philanthropic projects including his most recent pledge to fight for the rights and freedoms of refugees and immigrants all around the world.

Soros’s ideas, experiences, and insights are readily available to members of the public through a raft of books and articles he has published over the last few decades. These books and articles number more than ten and cover a diverse range of topics including politics, economics, and trading. The wealth of information contained in this publications has seen them being used by institutions such as schools, political foundations and even sections of governments.

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