Education at Rocketship Schools

In most schools, parents do not know who will teach their children till the few days to the start of the academic calendar. At Rocketship Education, parents are involved in choosing teachers to be hired some months before. The article by Perry Stein explained how the parents are helping in carrying out the teacher’s interviews.

According to Preston Smith, the co-founder, as well as the CEO of the Rocketship, the Educator Week that the parent participation has always been influential for them. Parents join job interviews at each campus, said Smith. At a time, two to five families are trained to undertake the panel interview. Alternatively, the school holds community meetings where parents get the opportunity to meet the job finalists. Smith went ahead to praise the parents saying that he cannot recall a single moment where they have had a disagreement with the parents.

The school continues to open new branches in different parts of the country. Andre Agassi, the former number one tennis player recently helped to develop a new charter school in Washington DC. According to Agassi, the decision to take part in the development of schools at the Rocketship came in the last days of his career in tennis. He felt disconnected in life, therefore, he chose to help to establish a nurturing environment for the children to help them have a choice in future.

About Rocketship

Rocketship that is based in California first began its school in 2007. Since then, it has gained the national attention due to its balanced learning methodology that minimizes the administrative costs. The board of the charter school undertook voting in 2013, to permit Rocketship to establish as many as 8 schools in the district, considering that in Ward 8 as the first one.

The Rocketship regional director, Mr. Jacque Patterson said that the charter is willing to take its operations as a neighborhood school than others that operate as a district. He further said that the school should accept the application from any D.C child but the school is concerned in recruiting students from the neighborhood of Ward 8.

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