George Soros’s Overwhelming Generosity

It’s not rare to hear about a billionaire giving away some of their money to a local charity. In the case of George Soros, he gave away a lot of his money. George Soros is billionaire hedge fund manager turned Democratic donor and philanthropist. He’s donated so much money; he’s earned the record of donating the most money to a single foundation.

The organization receiving the many multimillion-dollar donations is the Open Society Foundations. The only organization that’s bigger than Open Society Foundations is one founded by Bill and Melinda Gates. Despite his tremendous contributions to America, he’s often the target of conservative hate incidents.

Soros founded Open Society three decades ago. It’s the second-largest philanthropic organization based in America. It promotes democracy and advocates for human rights in over 100 countries. As America’s societal progression slowed and began reverting to less civilized times, Open Society began focusing a lot of its attention on a lot of domestic human-rights groups.

Open Society is the kind of organization that’s happy to help anyone or any movement that needs help. Even though it mainly focuses on political and social issues, it’s also aided in times of health crises. Particularly after Trump’s presidential victory, Soros donated millions to prevent the growing number of hate crimes.

For more details about Mr. Soros’s donations, the NY Times explained how his charitable contributions amounted to so much. Being an avid donor, he’s been donated between $800 and $900 million every year. As the years past, his contributions amounted to $18 billion.

One would think that a man of such kindness doesn’t have many enemies, but that would be wrong. Shortly after the 2016 elections, George Soros became a target for anyone opposing the leftist view. One group even accused him of trying to turn Ireland into a “pro-abortion country”.

The abuse and accusations don’t stop there. According to JPost, conservatives have continually targeted Mr. Soros. He’s also been accused of profiting from the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements, playing both sides for his own enjoyment. He supposedly paid random women to accuse the Alabama Senate candidate, Roy Moore, of sexual assault. This abuse, while more intense than usual, is nothing new to Soros. He’s been a target of hate and scrutiny for decades; it comes with the territory. He’ll continue helping people despite the hate.


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