Month: January 2018

The Historical Weapon of War-Trabuco

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     The Trabuco was an ancient war weapon that was used in the middle age. The old war machine functioned by firing projectiles from a distance to cause destructions to the opponents. The missiles involved consisted of mostly large stones, fireballs and in some instances dead infected bodies. The distance covered by projectiles depended on…

End Citizens United Will Work Hard To Send Four California Republicans Packing In 2018 Midterm Elections

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An aggressive new political action committee would dearly like to send packing four Republican incumbent California members of Congress in 2018. Achieving this would be another step in reversing a Supreme Court decision that has wreaked havoc on the American political system. The California four are Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa), Rep. Mimi Walters (R-Irvine),…

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Top-Ranked Plastic Surgeon in Dallas, Texas

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Knowing you are a good candidate for plastic surgery can help you see how important scheduling a pre-surgery consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is to your surgery’s success. Rod J. Rohrich, MD, FACS, is one of America’s best plastic surgeons with whom you can make a well-informed surgery planning decision, whether you are considering…

Dr. Jennifer Walden Helps Thousands Obtain Their Dream Body

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The world of plastic surgery gives people the chance to get their dream body. Or simply make a slight adjustment to a part of themselves which they feel uncomfortable about. For one Austin, Texas plastic surgeon helping people achieve their dream body is a passion built on expertise and trust. For eight years, plastic surgeon…

Frontera Fund Fights

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In his article “Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Continue Fight for Latino Rights after Pardoning of Joe Arpaio” (Release Fact, Sept., 2017,) (1) U.K. journalist Brian Harris recounts the harrowing arrest and detention of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, both executives for Village Voice media, publisher of the Phoenix New Times (PNT.) Larkin and Lacey…

Aloha Construction & Its 21st Century Revolition in Home Restoration

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Whether you call it restoration, repair or renovation, these services can definitely transform the look of a house. The services can also help in making a house more functional as well as stable. The home is probably the most prized physical-asset for logical-minded individuals. This is the place where you spend the majority of your…


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