The Historical Weapon of War-Trabuco

     The Trabuco was an ancient war weapon that was used in the middle age. The old war machine functioned by firing projectiles from a distance to cause destructions to the opponents. The missiles involved consisted of mostly large stones, fireballs and in some instances dead infected bodies. The distance covered by projectiles depended on the size of the Trabuco where the large ones would hurl up to 800 meters away. Again, they would fire loads of up to 140 pounds which was still determined by the size of the Trabuco.


About the Trabuco Usage

The Trabuco which is also known as the balancing Trabuco is made similarly to the catapult. What’s more, the Trabuco uses the sling technique or catapult to fire projectiles. The Chinese initiated the invention of the Trabuco at around 400BC. The ancient machine worked by converting potential energy into kinetic energy to effectively fire shots. However, some of the energy dissipated in the form of friction and gravity. Moreover, the counterweight is directly proportional to the speed and impact of the projectile.

The ancient machine was easy to construct which made it easy for troops to acquire. However, the usage posed challenges since it also required many people to work in synchrony to achieve and launch a projectile effectively. Consequently, the difficulty in coordinating the number of people led to the abandonment of the machine till a modified form of Trabuco was developed. They were further classified as the balancing Trabuco and traction Trabuco where the latter was the much-developed that used a counterweight instead of humans.

Furthermore, the Europeans adopted the war machine at around 600 AD where they used it for about 300 years before the invention of gunpowder. Notably, Trabuco was also used in riots among the Christians and Muslims during the religious wars. Again, its mechanism was highly borrowed in the innovation of modern day artillery that was used in the World War I and World War II. To this present day the Trabuco is still in use but in the education sector to explain physics and also recreational purpose in remembrance of the historic machine.

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