Dr. Mark McKenna is a Self-Made Entrepreneur Who is looking to Grow His Company OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Medical Doctor who is licensed to perform surgery and practice medicine in the state of Florida and Georgia. When Hurricane Katrina came along and wiped out his entire business in New Orleans, he didn’t throw his hands up in the air and give up. Instead, he got off of his butt and went out into the streets and helped people to rebuild homes that were able to become low income housing opportunities. After staying in New Orleans for some time after the devastation, he picked himself up off of his feet and moved to Atlanta Georgia.

It was in Atlanta, Georgia that Dr. Mark McKenna created and launched ShapeMed, which is an aesthetic medical practice and wellness center that he eventually sold to Life Time Fitness Inc. After this success, he started up OVME and became its Chief Executive Officer. OVME is a company that is disrupting the medical aesthetic industry, and it is using technology and Dr. McKenna’s experience to do so. he started up the company after realizing that there was a real need for the services he could offer to people in need, and plenty of happy customers have walked in and out of OVME’s doors. To know more about him click here.

Dr. Mark McKenna openly admits that before he put himself through schooling and other training that he was not a financial expert, by any means. He revealed that he learned many of the lessons he now understands about financing through trial and error. He is glad to have learned a lot of his life lessons this way, because it has made him a great entrepreneur, and the fact is, he has never had to work for anyone other than himself. Rather than taking all of the credit, he attributes a lot of his success to the fact that his parents were great role models who both were in business for themselves.

Dr. Mark McKenna expects that OVME will be growing even bigger than it is now and looks forward to expanding the company into Las Vegas, Nevada after its official Atlanta launch. With a solid 5-year-plan in place, and plenty of capital to build the business with, he expects the company to do well wherever it may set up shop.

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