Securus fights scourge of contraband cell phones

Securus Technologies is one of the nation’s leading providers of inmate communication Services. Serving over 3,500 institutions and over 1.2 million inmates, the company provides telephone services at some of the best rates available in prisons throughout the United States.


But the company also engages in the research, development and deployment of high technology designed to help prison administrators and staff maintain a safe carceral environment. Some of these technologies are proprietary, having been adopted from the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. These technologies are now being deployed in the war against criminal activity in the nation’s jails and prison facilities.


One such technology is Securus’ cell phone interdiction and detection system. This cutting-edge technology was first developed by defense contractors for use in the interception of enemy communications in war zones. Today, this technology is being used to fight the scourge of illicit cellular devices that permeate the nation’s prisons.


Many people are not fully aware of the scope and danger of this problem. All communications within the nation’s prisons must be strictly monitored and controlled in order to maintain order and safety in the institution. Criminal gangs smuggle contraband cellular devices into the prison and, thus, are able to circumvent the monitoring system that is in place to prevent serious crimes from taking place within the prison walls. Left unchecked, these illicit devices can be used to orchestrate massive criminal activity and are a main enabler of criminal enterprise taking place within prisons. Gangs such as the Mexican Mafia have even use contraband cellular devices to commit crimes on the outside the prison that were directed by shot callers incarcerated within state institutions. In the worst cases, these even included intimidation of witnesses and murder.


By developing and putting these technologies into the hands of prison staff, Securus is making the nation’s jails and prisons safer and is ultimately protecting the law-abiding public.


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