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     The Board of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently appointed the eminent architect, Robert Ivy as their new Executive Vice President/ Chief Executive Officer. The AIA is an organization that nurtures the public image of the architectural community, by providing resources such as education and government promotion. It was conceptualized in 1857 in New York City, by a small group of 13 architects, committed to the cause of increasing the professional standing of architecture and design. Today, the AIA boasts of a membership of more than 90,000 architects.

The AIA profers the Fellowship of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA) to distinguished members for their contribution to the field of architecture that has gained national importance. The AIA also sponsors continuing education programs for architects to continue their licensing every year. The AIA has held its position of being the topmost membership organization for professional architects over decades. The AIA is well known for its adherence to the highest ethical standards for its members. The AIA provides educational opportunities for students of architecture, speaks in unison to influence government policies and shapes opinions on architecture and design nationwide and worldwide.

Robert Ivy, FAIA, is a master architect who has been the recipient of many awards, notably the G.D. Crane award for lifetime achievements in the editorial world in 2009 and the Master Architect in 2010 by the Alpha Ro Chi. He has a long career of excellence in architectural ventures. Robert Ivy was the editor of the Architectural Record, from 1996 to 2010, and has overseen 33 editions under his tenure as editor. He is also editorial for the McGraw-Hill Construction as well. He is currently based in Washington DC., which also houses the AIA headquarters.

Robert Ivy, in his appointed position at the AIA, will oversee administration at the Washington headquarters. He job is an important one, as he responsibly assigns a budget of 56 million dollars annually towards the expansion and promotion of architectural interests of the members of the AIA. He also coordinates the various chapters of the AIA, both in the nation as well as abroad.

Robert Ivy’s considerable experience in the architectural field makes an ideal person to helm the ship of the AIA. He has advocated environmental protection in architecture as well as socio-political opinions on built architecture. He is a capable leader as well and had been a member of the board of the AIA in the past. The profession of architecture is sure to grow in leaps and bounds under the expertise and guidance of Robert Ivy.


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