Todd Lubar: Smartly Bringing Back Charm City

There is something special about renovating old things. It is not like you are trying to make them new again. It is more like bringing out the best part that was always there. There is a nostalgia which can never die. Every renovation reinvigorates a bygone era. The carpentry and masonry imparticular convey these characteristics. However, nothing can be more charming than the rehabilitation of an old home with the added quality of state of the art smart home devices. That has been the approach of experienced Baltimore real estate investor Todd Lubar.


Mr. Lubar, president of TDL Global Ventures, has been investing in real estate for twenty years. Before that he spent several years as a top producer in the mortgage business. Mr. Lubar is as aware as anyone these days of the trends in the real estate market in Baltimore City. Today we are witnessing a revival as more people have been encouraged to make Baltimore their home. This influx of new residents is the result of the city’s efforts to attract new inhabitants through policy initiatives and the low cost of housing in Baltimore. Proximity to Washington, D.C., makes Baltimore a no-brainer for newly employed millennials looking for a home within a reasonable commute of the nation’s capital. For more details visit



Mr. Lubar has done well in this environment. One of the reasons for his fast turnarounds on projects is that he realized early on that millennials were a considerable part of Baltimore’s new real estate market. Todd Lubar naturally concluded that the “internet generation” would appreciate high tech amenities as standard features to their living spaces. He was correct. The millennials love smart home devices. They are big selling points. Lubar is confident that in the future all dwellings will be connected to the internet in one way or another. Check out page for more.



When Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University in 1995, the internet was brand new. Baltimore was on the decline, and the oldest millennials were no older than fifteen years old. Today, Mr. Lubar is poised to participate in the renaissance which is only just beginning to sweep across the “Charm City” as everything old becomes not only new again, but smart.


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