Conor Lamb Receives Huge Endorsement from End Citizens United

     When the 2016 Presidential Election came to an end, people in Washington D.C. and around the rest of the country couldn’t believe what had happened. Apparently, change isn’t quite done ripping its way through the United States. Since the election of Donald Trump, Democrats have been riding a blue wave across the country. Now, all progressive eyes are turning to Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District in order to see who comes out on top between Conor Lamb and Rick Saccone. End Citizens United, a prominent progressive political action committee, has decided that watching isn’t enough and they’ve decided to endorse Conor Lamb in his election run.

Conor Lamb is an exciting new progressive candidate that actually has a chance to score a seat in the deep red district that Pennsylvania has so often been resigned to. Lamb, at just 33 years old, has outreach potential to major demographics in the state with connections to labor unions, rural farm areas, and even some moderates who aren’t a fan of the way the Trump Administration has been operating this year.

The decision to endorse Conor Lamb was made easier for End Citizens United when Lamb vouched to fight for campaign finance reform. Campaign finance reform is the metric by which End Citizens United has been judging which politicians to support because it is just that important. Dark money has been flowing unchecked into the political world since the 2010 SCOTUS decision involving Citizens United, a conservative group that argued for more corporate involvement in politics. End Citizens United has been resigned to overturning the SCOTUS decision since their inception and with these continual progressive victories, there is a chance for that to happen.

President Donald Trump couldn’t stay on the sidelines during the Special Election either and he was quick to endorse Rick Saccone. Saccone, a stout Republican, is a former military intelligence officer who should be seen as the heavy favorite to score the seat. Still, the fact that the seat was forcibly vacated due to an abortion-affair scandal from Republican Tim Murphy should have Republican leadership more than a little bit worried. Trump’s endorsement of Saccone isn’t a golden goose, either. Trump’s last several endorsements actually worked to undermine his chosen candidate as his approval rating continues to sink to new lows. This should give Conor Lamb and End Citizens United plenty of optimism as they enter the home-stretch of their campaign.

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  1. Estrella Emilio

    Surely any candidates that have this kind of gesture should normally get the kind of support from End Citizens. However there is one that uk assignments should not in anyway be fooled into letting the bar lowered. People are keeping faith with gestures that call on new ideas that will advance the next phase of leadership too well.

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