Month: March 2018

Dr. David Samadi: Innovator with Medical Technology

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Dr. David Samadi is no stranger to the medical field. Growing up in Iran and then later on moving to the United States, his primary focus was and still is his love for medicine and modern ways to innovate in surgery. In the US, he completed high school in Roslyn, NY. He then decided to…

Defying the Odds of Aging Using Technology as Futuristic Jason Hope Believes

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As people reach the prime of their youthfulness, they get encountered with an aging dilemma that is inevitable especially with the challenges of aging. Nobody is afraid of aging, but everybody is worried about the effects associated with aging. Diseases such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure, arthritis, and cancer become a nightmare with the healthcare…

Meet Ara Chackerian: Co-founder and General Partner of TMS Health Solutions

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People are passionate about different things in life. Co-founder and General Partner of TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian, and his partner wanted the patients to have a different experience from the one a hospital comes with that makes people feel sick. This would help the patients feel relaxed, which is especially important to patients suffering…

Sheldon Lavin’s success story

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A degree in finance accounting option helped prepare Sheldon for his future endeavors. Sheldon Lavin has had over four decades experience in the meat industry, as an accounting student who though Sheldon would have landed himself a deal in the meat industry. In 1970, OSI group previously known as the Otto and sons company hired…

Michael Lacey

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Michael Lacey was born on September 26, 1959. Michael Lacey is an American Mathematician. In 1987, Michael Lacey had accepted a Ph.D from the University of Illinois. Michael Lacey had a theory about probability. Michael Lacey also resolved an obstacle surrounding iterated logarithmic. Throughout his life as a Mathematician, he has worked on several different…

Equities First Holdings Provide People Ways To Reach Financial Goals

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Equities First Holdings (EFH) has done well by providing people a way to stop financial crisis since opening for operations under the name EFH in 2012. Before the name changed to EFH, the company was called Meridian Equity Partners Limited. EFH has office in London who has performed well. The performance record is marked with…

21st Century Custom Foods & OSI Food Solutions

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The foodservice industry is one of the most demanding and profitable industries in the world. Many of your favorite restaurants, grocery stores and food retailors receive their food products from professional food providers. Have you ever heard of OSI Food Solutions? This foodservice provider is a leader in its field, and it has been at…

Lacey and Larkin are Great Idols

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Immigration reform is going to happen in the United States of America. Either it is going to become more conservative and lock everybody out of this country simply because we are greedy jerks who not want to help our fellow man. Or, we are going to find a way to bring Hispanics into this country…

Whitney Wolfe-Herd Has It All

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Whitney Wolfe is the new bride that is taking care of business. Most people may not have even known that she was dating seriously because so much attention is focused on the powerful dating and networking app that she has presented.What people are now finding out is that Whitney Wolfe has added a last name…


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