Whitney Wolfe-Herd Has It All

Whitney Wolfe is the new bride that is taking care of business. Most people may not have even known that she was dating seriously because so much attention is focused on the powerful dating and networking app that she has presented.What people are now finding out is that Whitney Wolfe has added a last name that is different from what she has been known for in the past. People can now refer to the Bumble entrepreneur as Whitney Wolfe-Herd. Whitney has been able to prove that she is a leader in her own right, and her husband is a successful oil and restaurant tycoon as well. They definitely had a marriage that was befitting of people of wealth, and people that admire this entrepreneur can go online to see the photos. She is the bride that made a choice to celebrate on the Amalfi Coast, and the pictures of the wedding dress and videos about the party reception show how this dating queen was Queen for a Day during her wedding ceremonies.

Most people that have follow Whitney Wolfe may have been unaware that she had all of this marital bliss and the wedding occurring because she did not take a lot of downtime. Just as easy as she flew off to Italy to celebrate with friends in the wee hours of the morning it was the same type of joy that she had to return to Bumble and expand her Bumble Bizz concept further. This is how Whitney Wolfe-Herd has managed to work. She enjoys life to the fullest it would seem, but these days it also appears that this entrepreneur is just as satisfied with expanding her brand.

Bumble has become the company that she has put a lot of focus in because she wants to help every single woman experience the same marital bliss that she has enjoyed in 2017. Whitney Wolfe is working hard to make Bumble one of the top dating apps, and her hard work has been appreciated by the single women that have swooned over the pictures of Whitney Wolfe in her beautiful and elegant Oscar de la Renta wedding dress.Whitney Wolfe has inspired female entrepreneurs with her dating app, and she has also managed to give women inspiration about the possibility of getting married. She is still under the age of 30 and she is on top of the world.

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