Lacey and Larkin are Great Idols

Immigration reform is going to happen in the United States of America. Either it is going to become more conservative and lock everybody out of this country simply because we are greedy jerks who not want to help our fellow man. Or, we are going to find a way to bring Hispanics into this country in a way that benefits both societies. My vote goes to the second option.

Michael Lacey, Jim Larkin, and myself all agree that there are beneficial ways to bring the Hispanic community into the United States of America. It begins by having an entry point. This entry point acts as a funnel that allows them to leave their country and come into ours. Once they’re in our country the integration process can begin.

To be clear, we’re not trying to eradicate their culture. They can keep practicing things the same as they had been. Rather, we want to teach them the local language, equip them with skills necessary to get jobs, get them onto universal healthcare, and provide them with Social Security.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have no reason to believe that this system will not work. As they promote the system they have come against opposition was Sheriff Joseph Arpaio. As Sheriff Joe Arpaio opposes them, they began to learn more about this cruel and evil man.

One evil atrocity that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is guilty of is corrupting his Police Department. He took the time to systematically fire any officer who is not a racist. Then he replaced them with officers who were racist. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

He then laundered money through the Maricopa County to use as cash bonuses for his police officers. However, these are not bonuses for overtime like he said. These bonuses were awarded to police officers who were able to deport illegal immigrants.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio took strong issue with these stories being made public. He decided he would get revenge. One night, in October 2015, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio met with his most loyal men. They gathered in black SUVs and took off their American license plates. They then put on Mexican license plates in order to hide who they really were.

They entered into the complex where both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin live. They then used an illegal warrant to enter into the homes of these two good men. Once in the homes they help these two men at gunpoint and requested all evidence to be handed over. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin refused.

This incident would ultimately lead to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin receiving funds from the government to start their own nonprofit. This nonprofit educates and equips other leaders to continue advocating for immigration reform and women’s rights.

On top of this, they publish the Front Page Confidential. This magazine exists to equip and train the average American citizen on how they can defend their right to freedom of speech. By equipping the common man we can stand against oppression and tyranny.

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