Sheldon Lavin’s success story

A degree in finance accounting option helped prepare Sheldon for his future endeavors. Sheldon Lavin has had over four decades experience in the meat industry, as an accounting student who though Sheldon would have landed himself a deal in the meat industry.

In 1970, OSI group previously known as the Otto and sons company hired Sheldon as a financial consultant, the company had just received a good deal and needed someone to help provide financial solutions. Mr. Sheldon was the right fit, due to his exceptional work as the financial advisor, Otto and son company offered Sheldon an opportunity to partner in business he declined this position but would later join it.

1975 was the turning point for Sheldon Lavin, he became more involved with the company and soon after Mr. Otto had retired Sheldon joined the son to become a business partner. The company name was then changed to OSI group and since then has grown internationally.

OSI group is one of the largest meat suppliers all over the world, the company is functional in six countries and has established almost 55 processing firms. Under his leadership OSI group has achieved significant milestones. Currently, Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer and his gained experienced has helped the company achieve greatness.

Apart from working as the CEO at OSI group, Sheldon also owned a financial consulting firm; his work has also gained him several awards. He is also a humanitarian and values charities, some of the charities Sheldon has been involved in include; inner-city foundation and Jewish United funds, Evans scholarship fund, Boys, and Girls Club of Chicago just to mention a few.

Sheldon Lavin has set an admirable trend for employers and company owners, he is known as one of the most influential leaders and has managed to impact good skills to his employees, he values quality, and this has helped him produce safe and healthy products for his consumers.

Though 81 years old, Sheldon remains to be one of the best in his field and admirable steward; his exceptional work will help mold other leaders as well as ensure high standards are maintained in the company.

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