American Institute of Architects: Helping Every American Architect

The world of architects has always been a complex and secretive society. It’s not that they believe people can’t understand them; it’s that people have a hard time wrapping their minds around all the complexities involved in architecture. People can easily understand the finished product.

The American Institute of Architects wants to close the gap between people and architects. Currently, the American Institute of Architects is led by Robert Ivy. Robert Ivy isn’t a world-famous architect, but he is world-famous for communicating architecture to common people. In fact, Robert Ivy’s won numerous awards and honors for his brilliant communication skills.

Robert Ivy uses architecture publications to communicate with commoners. He’s led several world-famous publications and made Architectural Record, a publication, the most popular architectural journal in the world. After Ivy took over the journal, it won 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards.

By far, his greatest accomplishment was becoming EVP and CEO of the American Institute of Architects. That institution, founded in 1857 as the New York Society of Architects, is a symbol of unity to all American architects. They even associate with all architects on an international level. Currently, the American Institute of Architects is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

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The main objectives of the American Institute of Architects is to educate the public and government on architectural development, redevelop battered communities, and support scientific and practical perfection of the architecture profession. A more recent addition to their mission is to improve the profession’s public image.

The main purpose of the American Institute of Architects is to protect and support American architects; that’s the reason it’s headquartered in Washington, D.C. It often works with policymakers to ensure that architects are properly represented by federal, state, and local laws. They also lend of expert’s opinion during discussions about well-designed public housing.

The most important thing that the American Institute of Architects focuses on is rebuilding communities that have been affected by natural disasters. A lot of times, people only donate time to communities they hear about on the news, and that leaves a lot of communities without full support.

The American Institute of Architects teamed up with Make It Right, SBP, and Architecture for Humanity and created an architecture competition that helped coastal cities affected by severe storms.

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